Good to know before printing


The method that we use allows us to create very detailed and fine prints on the gingerbread biscuits. Maximum size on the print depends on which gingerbread biscuit model you choose, and the design of the logo or text you want.

For best print results, we need a high resolution image in PDF / EPS at your desired print.

Let us make a sample!

We print almost anything, so don’t hesitate to let us make a sample so you can see the final result. We offer test printing on for EURO 25/image + own print on tin-box. For best print result we need a high-resolution file in format PDF or EPS of the logo, image or text.

Sugar glazing – only natural ingredients

The print on the gingerbread biscuits consists of natural sugar glazing. If you want other colors than the natural white, please let us know and we will help you.