Environmental work and vision

A sustainable environmental strategy must be based on the long-term perspective.
Material with high durability and recovery rate is the first step on that road.

For us, this is an obvious part of our strategy and something that permeates everything we do:
Quality and Function are important terms for us.

Our environmental strategy involves working on continuous improvements in the environment by integrating environmental issues into all activities.

Economics and ecology often go hand in hand. Both are about keeping up with resources as efficiently as possible. Our environmental strategy is in constant development.

When choosing suppliers, we will of course only use those who make the most effort to develop more sustainable products, both in terms of content and packaging. This can be seen in eg cost effective packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact. We also work hard to get rid of palm oil. Many of our products are completely free from palm oil. Others must, for manufacturing reasons, contain some such items. In these cases, we ensure that the supplier is certified according to CU-RRSPO SCC 858468. This certification means that the supplier meets the criteria for a sustainable production of palm oil.

We work closely with our suppliers, aiming for carbon neutrality.
Global The Carbon Neutral Company lists the companies that manage zero-carbon carbon emissions.

As a customer, you will always feel safe when you buy any of our products. You can always be assured that we have taken all the steps we can take to be able to deliver an environmental aspect as perfect as possible or service possible.

These obvious choices permeate our entire business so you can always feel safe when you do business with us!