Do you know about the Gingerbread Day?

…it's on December 9!

Gingerbreads in history

Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang served gingerbread biscuits when he was onboard the space shuttle Discovery in 2006, as the first Swede in space.

The first documented eating of gingerbread biscuits in Sweden is dated to the 1300-talet where written costs for purchase of ingredients clearly states that people baked gingerbread biscuits for the wedding between King Magnus Eriksson and Blanka of Namur.

In the 16th century, gingerbread biscuits where still imported, Gustav Vasa writes to Germund Svensson about a ship that has sunk outside southern Öland and has been completely battered into pieces so that its load, including gingerbread biscuits, has become destroyed.

King Hans’ gingerbread medicine

The Swedish-Norwegian-Danish king Hans, regent 1497–1501, was prescribed gingerbread biscuits by his doctor. The reason was that the king was often in a lousy mood, and it was common knowledge that gingerbread biscuits make you happy. The gingerbread biscuits were often baked by nuns, and sold in pharmacies as medicine for a range of different afflictions.

How the gingerbread biscuit has got its Swedish name (which literally means “pepper cookie”) is something of a mystery.

A tasty blue mold cheese together with gingerbread biscuits (and Swedish arrack punch if you want) is a fantastic taste experience!

We have delivered to several countries


When is a Gingerbread best?

Although mostly eaten around Christmas time, gingerbread biscuits are an all-year delicacy, and definitely so when branded with the company’s own logotype.

Through the years we have had the pleasure of delivering gingerbread biscuits to many different countries, which makes us very proud and happy!

Of all the countries where we have delivered our products, we have listed below some of the more unexpected countries that have discovered our unique products.